Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House update

Hello again after a long time. Just a quick update on the renovation of our house. We are getting very close to being done. Almost all the big construction stuff is out of the way. We have started painting  in the bathrooms upstairs. The upstairs is ready for starting painting. We are trying to get all the remaining small drywall related projects out of the way so that we can avoid dust when we start painting. We still have some electrical wires to be moved and an opening enlarged. (the electrical is the space for the opening). Trim for the new room has to be installed. We are also cleaning up our mess as we go along. Lot of drywall dust and pieces of drywall to be removed. There is a growing pile of construction debris outside that will need to be disposed of. So still a little bit of work to be done. We hope to get move in a couple of months. Here's the list of things to do. If you have the skill and availability we would welcome your assistance.

  1. Cleanup - inside & outside
  2. Move electrical lines and wire new receptacles.
  3. Trim to install - windows, doors, case the openings, crown molding
  4. Exterior window to be cut out and exterior door to be put in it's place.
  5. Spray prime the whole house
  6. Spray paint all the trim
  7. Roll paint in all rooms
  8. Install remaining plumbing fixtures
  9. Install flooring - stain and finish.
  10. Carpet install (will be done by carpet people)
  11. Move in!!
Again - our sincere gratitude to those who have been helping through the past few months.
Thomas & Tina