Monday, January 10, 2011

Renovation update

Thought I would catch you up on a long overdue update. June through November gave us very little time to work on the house. Just few hours a week, sometimes not even that much. End of Nov and December though have proved to be fruitful months. We have added a living room to the house. It is roughed in with wiring and drywall is completed. A little sanding and it will be ready for painting. The boys bathroom is almost finished. A large chair accessible shower is in place. The sink, toilet and shower have been plumbed for drainage. I hope to finish the supply lines for water this week and try to finish up the electrical after that. A friend has been helping with the electrical. After that we will be gutting the bathroom in the main hallway downstairs. Much of the floor underneath is dry-rotted and will need to be replaced along with new vanity and shower. An exterior window in the laundry room needs to be removed and replaced with a doorway. After that there is list of small things that need to be finished. These include - yes, more drywall, trim in the new room and other areas where we had to remove it, some more sanding. Somewhere in the middle of all this (over the next couple of weeks) the window guys are supposed to be installing new windows. After that we should be pretty close to being able to prime and paint. After the painting is finished we will install the hardwood flooring, sand and finish on site. The carpet people will install carpet. Also during the winter months we may try and clear some of the dead-fall and overgrown brush in the wooded area. There is all sorts of junk lying out there that needs to be drug out and thrown away. So there's plenty of work to be done still. I work most evenings on the renovation after I get home from the office and usually every Saturday. Thanks to a few of my friends who are good at construction work we have been able to get a good bit of work done over the last 5-6 weeks. If you are skilled at trim work or construction I could use your help.


PS  I'm adding to my husband's blog.  If anybody has a little free time tomorrow (1-15-2011) late morn or midday (not sure yet) Mr. T will be unloading (not installing) a lot of wood flooring at the new house. If you can help, let me know and I will let you know when he starts the trip home tomorrow.  Blessings, Tina