Friday, June 25, 2010

Renovation update June 25th

Hello friends,
You are probably wondering what's going on with the house. Well, I have had a few busy weeks with a lot of nights and weekends being occupied. We are also in St. Louis for follow-up procedures with Micah. So you can see we are in between things. We are in the process of getting a living room added. In a few weeks we will need help with painting etc. I will try to keep you updated. Again, our deepest gratitude for all of you who have given so much of your time and energy to help us get work done on the house.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Renovation update

Dear friends,
I have not updated this blog in a while because of some uncertainty in our planning. Many thanks to those who have come several weekends in a row to help get some major work done. What a blessing you have been to us!

Work done so far -
  • The entire flooring for the house has been gutted and disposed of.
  • All the underlayment, which was made of particle board has been pulled up and disposed of.
  • All the defective decking has been replaced
  • All the underlayment has been replaced with new underlayment
  • All the walls have been wiped down and cleaned of dirt and pet you know what!
  • Almost all the rooms have had the first and second round of holes being filled.
What needs to be done -
  • All the rooms need a light sanding, dust wiped down and then checked for further mudding or hole repair.
  • All the crown molding, chair rails and baseboard need a light sanding
Once this is done we need to spray and backroll all the rooms that can be sprayed with Kilz primer/stainblocker. Then we will spray all the trim that can be sprayed with the trim color. After that we will roll paint in all the rooms. I will need some assistance with backrolling and brushing as we spray.
Our immediate goal is to get the upstairs painted. There will be some construction going on downstairs while this is going on. After that we will move downstairs. I usually work every evening after work and on Saturdays. A tentative schedule is on the calendar.