Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Out with the old!

Dear friends,
For those of you who are planning to assist us in the renovation of our new abode - the first day of work will be Saturday, April 10th starting at 9am. The address is 299 Summerfield. Click on the picture to get a map. We are hoping to have 25-30 people. This is the most labor intensive part of the process and if we have enough people we should be able to knock it out that day. Even if you cannot work all day just a few hours will be of great help.

We will be engaged in the following -
1. Aggression Therapy! - ripping out old carpet and laminate floor. (will be hauled outside to a trailer)
2. Wallpaper removal where possible
3. Wiping down all paintable surfaces (probably with a very mild soap solution)
4. General cleanup inside and outside the house.
5. Trimming and/or removing unnecessary growth from the landscaped area around the house.

Please bring your own tools if you can since we cannot supply everyone. (gloves, hammer, flat prybar, utilility knives, cleaning sponge, small pails, etc)
Hope to see your there!
Thomas & Tina

Saturday, March 27, 2010

TVCrew House

We have been in the process of getting a new house. It is now nearly accomplished. Many of you have asked how you could help us. We need help getting our new place fixed up. The work includes - ripping out carpet and flooring, installing new wood floors, stripping wallpaper, prepping walls and painting, bathroom addition, other minor restructuring, general cleaning, yard-work. We are trying to organize the work so it will flow smoothly and be an enjoyable experience. If you are able to assist us please send us an email at with your contact info and your abilities. We will contact you with a schedule. We will try to post a calendar for last minute volunteers! We need lots of help!
Thomas & Tina